Hi, I am Alyssa Rea.

I am an event and portrait photographer with extensive experience located in South Western Pennsylvania.

I noticed early on in my experiences raising a family that it wasn't the posed portraits (though they were lovely and precious as well) that filled my heart with warm memories...It was the photos of us as a family enjoying time and activities together that sparked my tears and brought the living memory of my parents to life for me in their absence. The photos of them candidly loving each other and joking together in our kitchens past brought forth the best memories of the strength of their marriage and love for one another.   I found photos that evoked my mothers inimitable loud laughter and those that let me hear my father's patient voice singing lullabies to my babies in my mind once more. Candid images let me relive my childrens' full belly laughs and and individual likes and dislikes all as they changed throughout the years...

I find more and more that the images I treasure most from my own family archives are the natural moments of my children, growing, messy, imperfectly perfect in my eyes.   Raising five children over 25 years has left me understanding how quickly those moments pass and taught me exactly how to preserve them for my family and yours.  I work closely with you to create fabulously fun sessions full of memories and at the same time I create the priceless professional images that allow you to share your beautifully captured memories for generations to come.  

​I often keep in contact with my clients from weddings and family portrait sessions over the years and sadly more than once I have been contacted at a time of loss to provide professional images of moments with dear loved ones. As difficult as it is to see my clients grieving I feel honored to have been a witness to their most treasured moments and relationships and it pleases me greatly to have a continued positive impact on their lives even after our time working together has passed.

When you hire Love Place Photography for your event or family photo experience you are allowing yourself the freedom to fully live your special moments as they happen knowing that I have both the professional and personal experience and skills to preserve them perfectly for you to share and enjoy for always.



“Alyssa is by far the best photographer we have ever worked with! She was so helpful from the first day we decided to have her shoot our wedding, all the way to the end when we received the final photos! She was always quick to answer any questions that we had, and made our wedding day so much less stressful. I can't stress enough how awesome she is and how great she made our wedding day! I would recommend her to anyone!”

—Mallory & Jesse

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