What are legacy Services?

"Our stories are the threads that run through our lives from birth to passing and include the wisdom and hopes of those before us and the dreams of generations to come. They are the part of us that carries forward into the future even when we are no longer here to tell them."

I spent my thirties having a lot of very intense life experiences at once. I was raising a family of four ages 1 to 15, working part-time in home hospice care as an aide, part time as a photographer and caring for both of my parents at home throughout the period of their final illnesses. During that time and during the period of deep grief that followed I leaned heavily on my photography and collection of family photos to carve a path through my sadness and keep me connected to my growing young family. I incorporated photos of the people we loved and cared for daily with the ones of the people we had lost and as a family and created art we enjoyed in our home and we carried on. The photographs were touchstones for the most important thing...Our stories. Stories with family and friends would bubble up many days when one of us would stop for a moment to take in one of our photo projects ( and they can come in all different types and forms...) and it created ways for us to talk and grieve together as a family. It was one of the few things that helped.

That experience changed my photography business and style forever. During those years I sought out and recorded all kinds of life milestones...all of the most intense experiences of human living, ( and the other creatures that embed themselves in our hearts during a lifetime) from birth to death and beyond. I am honored to work with people from all walks of life as they experience the happiest and even the saddest times of their lives.

For me legacy services is a very large umbrella. I often act as a tour guide of sorts to life's more intense moments. I am a BADT trained Full Spectrum Doula,( certification pending March 2023) as well as End of life Doula certified by The University of Vermont (https://www.credly.com/badges/0a0f6ab4-f1c7-4c81-8c5a-bdbb40286559). I have worked as a professional photographer for more than 12 years capturing weddings, portraits and births. I have provided community death support since my mid twenties to many families in need on a volunteer basis.

Love Place provides a single stop for all kinds of photography needs. We provide scanning, photo restoration, video slideshows and all manner of legacy photography projects for special events like milestone birthdays, anniversaries and memorial services. Contact us today to get a custom quote on your photo project!