No individual or family should embark on a final journey alone.

End of Life Services

For most of human history, living and dying both occurred at home, tended by family and community members. With the medicalization of birth and major medical advances in treating once terminal illnesses, many of our most vulnerable moments moved from the comfort and safety of our homes into hospitals. Though 71% of people asked report wanting to die at home, the actual number of people who die at home hovers somewhere around 30%. There are many reasons for this but one of the largest is that as we became removed from the experiences of the end of life physically, we began to lose the base of knowledge and confidence that previous generations used to care for their dying loved ones at home.

I provide a wide variety of supportive, education and planning services to people with serious illness and their families, as well as for healthy individuals.

  • Advance directive planning/consulting
  • Vigil, funeral and memorial planning services
  • education about post death options
  • assist with life review and legacy projects such as creation of photo or video artwork and slideshows, written works etc.
  • Facilitate difficult conversations about unresolved issues or complicated by family dynamics ( I have specific experience supporting the special end of life considerations and different family dynamics of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Provide an experienced resource for conversations about the fear and uncertainty surrounding death and dying, allowing for discussions without worry about upsetting family or friends
  • advocate for the wishes and needs of dying clients
  • help the dying and their families to create the peaceful and meaningful death experience they want to have
  • assist with organizing an existing support system and creating schedules as needed for care or vigil sitting
  • Vigil sitting
  • My previous hospice care experience allows me to fill in if possible when there is a gap in unskilled care needs ( to replace a home health aid, assist with bathing, etc)
  • Provide support for people experiencing losses of all types (pregnancy loss, suicide, natural death pet loss, etc)
  • Assist with finding ways to express the deep love that is the root of our grief after loss.

Every client of Love Place will be treated with the utmost respect as an individual. All of our services are custom tailored to the individual or family and their needs with special attention to cultural sensitivity and the additional stressors dealt with by regularly marginalized communities and individuals.